Solid roof 

The Sentinel Solid Roof is a highly effective alternative when opting to replace a conservatory roof. Using the most realistic looking lightweight tiles on the market (Tapco tiles or Metrotiles), the Sentinel Solid Roof will transform your customers conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Replacement kit

The Sentinel Solid Roof is designed to be used for new sun room installations or as a roof replacement to existing conservatories, and features a U-value of 0.18. This “warm roof” design was conceived through the use of a pod system. Finished off externally with lightweight tiles, of your choosing.

The Sentinel solid roof is a highly effective alternative when opting to replace a conservatory roof

A roof pod is a boarded one piece timber framework section, either shaped or rectangular, which forms a structural link between both the eaves and ridge. These pods are factory pre-assembled using roofing grade timber and have been specifically designed to replace existing glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatories. All pod joints are glued and screwed together before being boarded with 18mm OBS3 roofing sheets. The one piece roof pods are then glued and screwed onto a continuous Glulam ring beam attached to the head of the window frames, which are finished with a 150mm fascia board and an ‘ogee’ decorative gutter system. This specially produced and engineered beam provides incredible structural strength, long term durability and performance.

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