Ultrasky Roof Lanterns available at discounted trade prices.

Ultraframe ultrasky
roof lanterns


available in bespoke rectangular sizes

and a number of colours


available in upvc & aluminium


available in aluminium only


available in aluminium only

Ultrasky Roof Lanterns Key Features

Tried and Tested

Ultrasky is based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe Classic roofing system.

Let the Light in

Installed on a new build extension, Orangery, or inserted into an existing flat roof, an Ultrasky rooflight will add the feeling of space and natural light to any home or commercial project.

Stylish & Contemporary

Whether it's for a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hotel lobby or restaurant dining room, the Ultrasky roof lantern will be the perfect stylish solution.

Easy to Fit and Tough

Ultrasky roof lanterns are easy to fit, robust, thermally efficient skylights designed to withstand even the toughest UK weather conditions. 

Energy Efficiency

·A thermally broken ridge and insulated bars mean that Ultrasky roof lanterns are the most thermally efficient lanterns on the market. 

Structurally Strong

·The superior spanning performance of an Ultrasky skylight means that fewer bars are required to support the glass, ensuring the maximum amount of natural light is flowing in to the room. 

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Our Sky Lights are designed to fit on a timber kerb installed inside the roof. 

This is usually 150mm high x 70mm wide.The set-out dimensions of our roof lanterns are measured to the external wall of the timber kerb and NOT the size of the cut-out in the flat roof.

In most cases therefore the dimensions of the lantern are calculated as follows:Length = Length of hole + (2 x Kerb Width)
Width = Width of hole + (2 x Kerb Width)Example:Hole 1000mm x 1500mm
Kerb Width 70mmOverall Dimensions of Lantern: 1140mm x 1640mmWe can offer any size of roof lantern you require so you can either choose the size of lantern first and then cut out the hole in the roof to fit or you can order bespoke sizes to fit the hole.